Fall Development Round 1 Testing Top 3 Performers Per Category by Age Group:
Outfield Throwing Velocity: (16U Players)  Anthony Jorajuria:   83mph,   Sophomore at Weston HS |  Jacob Feldman:   78mph,   Junior at Newton South HS |  Cooley Schaefer:   77mph,   Junior at Wellesley HS     (15U Players)  Mickey Doyle:   73mph,   Sophomore at Catholic Memorial HS |  Anders Snow:   73mph,   Sophomore at Wellesley HS |  Henry Redgate:   69mph,   Sophomore at Wellesley HS     (14U Players)  Owen Jorajuria:   72mph,   Weston, Ma |  Yocix Guzma:   64mph,   Boston, Ma     (13U Players)   Gianni Melendez:   67mph,   Worcester, Ma |  Jag Garces:   63mph,   Bridgewater, Ma |  Thomas Maguire:   63mph,   Newton, Ma     (12U players)  Ayden Ascher:   52mph,   Newton, Ma |  Weilen Rodriguez:   51mph,   Lawerence, Ma |  John Taft:   50mph,   Billerica, Ma     (11U Players)  Yandriel Soto:   51mph,   Fitchburg, Ma |  James Britton:   46mph,   Brookline, Ma |  Charles Broderick:   42mph,   Wellesley, Ma     (10U Players)  Lucas Dominguez:   47mph,   Framingham, Ma |  Austin Lee:   46mph,   Wellesley, Ma    
Catcher’s POP Times:  (15U Players)  Mickey Doyle:   2.13,   Sophomore at Catholic Memorial HS |  Matt McKenna:   2.13,   Sophomore Dedham HS    (13U Players)  Alex Cantwell:   2.25,   Chestnut Hill, Ma  |   Jag Garces:   2.53,   Bridgewater, Ma  |   Jack Hynes:   2.68,   Boston, Ma      (12U Players)  John Taft:   2.15,   Billerica, Ma  |   Cam Fazendiero:   2.56,   Wellesley, Ma      (11U Players)  Yandriel Soto:   2.50,   Fitchburg, Ma    
Hitting Exit Velocity:  (16U Players)  Jacob Feldman:   Max: 86.8mph,   Avg: 76.4mph,   Max Distance: 295ft,   Junior Newton South HS  |   Anthony Jorajuria:   Max: 84mph,   Avg: 73.7mph,   Max Distance: 303ft,   Sophomore Weston HS    (15U Players)  Mickey Doyle:   Max: 78.3mph,   Avg: 70.1mph,   Max Distance: 254ft,   Sophomore Catholic Memorial HS    (14U Players)  Owen Jorajuria:   Max: 75.8mph,   Avg: 66mph,   Max Distance: 239ft,   Weston, Ma    (13U Players)  Alex Cantwell:   Max: 82.3mph,   Avg: 71.1mph,   Max Distance: 281ft,   Chestnut Hill, Ma |  Reed Buckler:   Max: 77.3mph,   Avg: 66.5mph,   Max Distance: 240ft,   Barnstable, Ma |  Logan Our:   Max: 71.2mph,   Avg: 56.7mph,   Max Distance: 211ft,   Barnstable, Ma    (12U Players)  John Taft:   Max: 64.4mph,   Avg: 53mph,   Max Distance: 189ft,   Billerica, Ma |  Gus Inada:   Max: 64mph,   Avg: 57.5mph,   Max Distance: 177ft,   Newton, Ma |  Nathan Feldman:   Max: 63.7mph,   Avg: 54.6mph,   Max Distance: 150ft,  
Round 2 of Fall Development Testing to be done at the end of October!

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