Our Mission


Our Approach

Our process is to educate the player with respect to age and ability, using technology such as video and data analysis, coupled with guidance and insights that are analyzed by our instructors.


We learn about your player and will understand their goals and expectations.


We evaluate your player on skill sets, athleticism, habits, talent, mental toughness, sportsmanship and attitude.


This is where we make a difference, we take the results of the data and implement changes to create future success. We take the time to development individual skill sets. This is the most challenging step as learning takes time.


Bringing it all together and performing to the best of your abilities, with confidence.


This is the day after the game. Debrief on what worked, what didn’t work and challenges, what do you need to work on next?


Data Capture & Simulation Systems

At 5 Tool we have the ability to track analyze our athlete’s data through state-of-the-art technology. We have Hit Trax, Rapsodo Pitching, and video analysis on site. Hit Trax, allows us to gather baseline assessment numbers, and store the data to track our athletes progress and success as they work through one of our personalized development programs. Along with Hit Trax, we use Rapsodo for the same cause for pitchers. We use video analysis for all our athletes particularly for our pitchers and hitters. It is an especially helpful tool for pitch design and allows our athletes to understand how their bodies and mechanics work. 

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HitTrax Simulation

HitTrax technology provides video and data analysis to break down one’s swing while targeting their strengths and weaknesses. With HitTrax, you can view where the ball lands after each swing during batting practice at your favorite ballpark!

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Rapsodo Pitching 2.0

Rapsodo is the leader in sports analytics; revolutionizing how players learn, how coaches develop, and how teams compete. Rapsodo is transforming the game of baseball!

Rapsodo’s PITCHING 2.0 helps you design your perfect pitch. Our unit and intuitive, easy-to-use app provide instant data on pitch velocity, spin rate, true spin rate, spin axis, and spin efficiency as well as strike zone analysis, horizontal and vertical break, 3D trajectory, and now release information. See any pitch from side, top, pitcher or catcher views, and track progress over time with historical and statistical analysis to ensure that you or your athletes are getting the most out of the arm.

Pitch flight analysis like you’ve never seen before! Rapsodo measures the impact of spin on every ball and shows the actual flight of a pitched baseball, calculating the corresponding trajectory of the same pitch without spin.

All 30 MLB teams, more than 750 college programs, and 56,000+ players rely on Rapsodo for player development.

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5 Tool Video Analysis

We believe strongly in the use of modern-day practices and technology to help develop our athletes. We use video analysis with many of our athletes to help them identify mechanical mistakes and to help them make the proper adjustments. Video analysis and break downs allow our athletes to understand how their bodies and mechanics work. 

By using video, we can help our players make adjustments visually instead of relying on feel and verbal prompts. 

We also use video in conjunction with the collection of numerical data to track our athlete’s progress.  As we collect numeric data from our Hit Trax and Rapsodo machines we simultaneously collect video to connect how a player’s mechanics during a certain session impacts their numbers and results.